Power Supplies

Power supplies are a hardware component that supplies power to another electrical devic. Usually, power supplies are used to provide a constant power to a UV system which is independent of any fluctuation in the main voltage which can further provide protection to the UV lamps from power surges. It ensures a consistent curing performance. Apart from providing the constant power, it also provide reliable ignition to a range of lamp sizes and types.

Despite the fact, an electronic power supply carries out the same function as traditional transformer. Being more power efficient, smaller in size, and significantly lighter, they are more compact in their design. Power supplies are an infinitely variable level of lamp power, as opposed to an incremental one which can be easily incorporated into analogue or digital control systems.

Advantages of power supplies over old transformer system:

  • Energy Saver - The Lamp Power can be reduced to a minimum 10% in case of idle machine.
  • Variable Frequency of electronic power supplies makes it easy to control percentage of Lamp Power in multiples of 1. It gives more accurate curing with power saving.
  • Stability - Stable Output of UV Lamp
  • Long Life - Increased Lamp Life

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