High Voltage Cable
High voltage cable, also known as HV cable is widely used for electric power transmission at high voltage and this high voltage is further used to connect the UV lamp to the ballast or anywhere electrical integrity is paramount. HV cables are especially designed to withstand the harsh environment inside a working UV system. It is environmental friendly as it is manufactured from high quality materials selected to resist ozone and remain flexible even at elevated temperatures. Though, it will also work in ambient temperatures ranging from -190°C to + 260°C.

Being one of the finest quality leading suppliers, Super-Cure can provide you with different lengths of high voltage cable at a very competitive price. Just get in touch with our sales and marketing team to discuss your specific requirements.

Quartz Cooling Tubes
Quartz cooling tubes are made from very high grade material to maximize UV transmission as they are mounted between the UV lamp and substrate in a UV curing system to filter out infrared radiation. It also prevents the system as well as the substrate from overheating which as a result allows the majority of UV radiation to pass through. Quartz cooling tubes are kept cool followed by the addition of air or water being pumped through on a system that passes through chillers.

Quartz cooling tubes are available in different sizes depending on the requirements. Being one of the leading exporters and suppliers for Quartz Cooling Tubes, Super-Cure can provide and supply a widest range of lengths and diameters of quartz cooling tube, especially manufactured to exact dimensions from high grade quartz. Whether it is for air purifications, surface disinfection or water disinfection, we have got you all covered.

Applications of Quartz Cooling Tubes

  • UV disinfection industries - where they are referred to as quartz sleeves or jackets.   

Quartz Plates
In many industries, Quartz plate is one of the essential components of various equipment and machinery where good-quality semiconductors are imperative. In order to filter out infrared (IR) radiation, they are mounted between the UV lamp and the substrate. But they allow UV radiation through. Despite the fact, IR radiation can cause the temperature inside the machine to raise too high, causing damage to the substrate or elements of the UV system. The quartz plate also ensures everything stays at the correct temperature.

Super-Cure is one of the leading suppliers or providers of quartz plates manufactured from high-grade quartz, which provides maximum UV transmission. In case if you are looking for good-quality quartz plates, please specify the length, width, and thickness of the quartz plate you require. Our dedicated sales and marketing team would be pleased to provide you with a quotation.

Reflectors are one of the very important equipments which are responsible for the reflection between 50 and 70% of the UV energy source and this is the reason its regular maintenance and cleaning are essential. Being one of the best leaders in the industry, we supply different types of UV system reflectors to suit your requirements. Our wide range of reflectors including;

A dichroic reflector is one of the high quality Lamp reflectors which are used for display lighting that allows heat (infrared radiation) to pass through while reflecting the light in a cool beam. It does not heat the display. It helps reduces the heating of illuminated objects as less infrared radiation is present in the light beam. Keeping in mind that these reflectors are only be used in compatible fixtures which can dissipate the heat. (Dichroic reflectors must not be fitted to recessed or enclosed luminaries with the IEC 60598 No Cool Beam symbol).

Aluminium is used for low wattage applications in free air or forced air-cooling of UV lamps in an end cooled reflector assembly or centre cooled reflector assembly. They are usually used as metal halide reflectors for focusing ultraviolet (UV) light from a medium pressure mercury vapour lamp or UV curing lamp or metal halide lamp.

UV Coated Quartz
UV coated quartz have UV filters that protects a vehicle's paint from sunlight and various contaminants. They are created with a chemically resistant surface. Quartz material used in the equipment is stronger than glass and this is the reason, they can be used at temperatures up to 1050 ° C and has a high transmission from 230nm to 3000nm which further makes it useful for most UV applications.

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